Free time

I think that I will take the time now to explain how to make time well-spent while the wife and child are away from home, as is the case at the current moment and for the rest of the evening.  She suggested that I take this time to either nap or rest up because she knows that I haven't had anywhere nearly as much sleep as I usually did before the baby arrived.  On the other hand, I want to take advantage of the absence of baby Gracie and do some housework that we've had little time to focus on.  In the end, I think that I will end up mixing the two into a relaxing yet productive night.

In the hour and a half since I've been home, I have done little in the way of productivity.  I took the time to heat up a frozen dinner (we stocked up before the baby was born) and leftover chili from last night, both of which were delicious.  While I have spent about half an hour surfing the web and watching SportsCenter, I have also spent some time folding baby laundry and watching SportsCenter.  And as 7:00PM approaches, I look forward to folding more laundry and watching the Red Wings destroy the Ducks.  I also plan on using my free time tonight to tity up our living room and kitchen as well as replace the ink cartridges and empty the dishwasher.  These may seem like easy tasks to accomplish, but their simplicity belies their complexity when mixed with a newborn!  Not only does it feel like we lose at least half of our time to taking care of the baby, but energy levels are way down after said care of baby.  In the past I may have blamed it on lazyness, but now I feel like I have a real excuse.

So I will buckle down and relax to the best of my ability as I try to accomplish as much housework as possible at the same time.  I may wear myself out worse than usual, or I may get nothing done around the house.  I'm not sure which choice I'd bet money on, but hopefully this duel ends in a tie!  Who knows, maybe I'll just spend all my time on BlogSpot customizing this shiny new blog.


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  2. I'm pretty sure that I was the one who folded the laundry...